Kristine Knowlton is a South Jersey based Actor, Comedian, Writer and Director. Her film and theatre credits include Damages, Law and Order SVU, The Cagey Cajun CaperMacbethCruising CuisineHouse of Paranormal, the New Jersey Renaissance Faire, Cruising CuisineUnion Brewery (commercial), Songs for a New World and a short that she wrote and produced, M is for Maleficent…now currently available in Germany!

As a Voiceover Artist, Kristine has done several commercials for independent companies as well as the movie, Phone Call From a Stranger by Israli Filmmaker, Arslan Baig playing the part of a 10 y/o girl! Coming up in Episode 3 of Global Guardians, Kristine will be playing the role of Density. Coming soon, she will be doing the voiceover to many cartoons by the company, Burning Mitten. Please check out her demos!

When not busy on the screen, Kristine writes many comedy skits and is head writer to the show Zombie TV where Saturday Night Live meets the Walking Dead! She will prevail more episodes in the up and coming months as well as her own standup.


Coming this October, I will be playing Dr. Wridbrid in the In-House Players production ofThe Devil, You Say!” More details coming soon! 

* August 20th – Catch Kristine Knowlton as Carter Cosplay at the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show. For more details, please check out www.cartercosplay.com

* July 29th – Catch Kristine Knowlton as Carter Cosplay at the Get Pop-Culture Cosplay Showcase at Barnes & Noble in Brick, NJ. For more details, please check out www.cartercosplay.com

* June 17th and 18th –
 Catch Kristine Knowlton as Carter Cosplay at the Garden State Megafest. For more details, please check out www.cartercosplay.com 

* March 19th – Catch Kristine Knowlton as Carter Cosplay at the Jersey Shore Comic Book Convention. For more details, please check out www.cartercosplay.com 

* Looking forward to working with the In-House Players in the murder mystery “The Lust Boat
April 22, 2017 – The Pleasantville Yacht Club 6pm – Tickets are $25
April 23, 2017 – Rifici’s Restaurant of Absecon 5pm – Tickets are $40
April 30, 2017 – The Smithville Inn at 5pm – Tickets are $40

* I will be rejoining the cast of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire coming this May/June. More info coming soon!

* January 22, 2017, I will be featured as the lead, Penelopi in Sheila Crumps, “No Christmas Without You” at the CEC Center of Philadelphia. Join us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1691231851174624/

* I will be continuing my role as Density in Global Guardians, “City of Steel” by Mind World Entertainment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7oMafYFJBA&t=263s

* Had an amazing run with the In-House Players in “Santa and Psychiatrist” as the roles of Edie and Cindy.

* I have just been hired as a voice actor on the cartoon, Delusional Doghouse Builders! More info coming soon!

* I had an amazing run at the 2016 New Jersey Renaissance Faire returning once again as Lady Buella Percy! To learn more about my character, Lady Buella Percy: Sassy, Brassy and oh so Classy, please check out www.royallyflushed.tk

* I have officially been offered the voice-over role for Density in a new animation, “Global Guardians” of Mind World Entertainment! Check us out on Youtube: http://tinyurl.com/GlobalGaurdians
Episode 3 is now up and running!

* I had an amazing run with the In-House Players Production “Cruising Cuisine” where I played the role of Dorothy Dandy the girl with the candy! Check out their website www.inhouseplayers.com for more shows and info coming soon!

* Check out the staged reading of MADD by Steven Ray Smith Jr Staged Reading by Jonathan A. Foster and Kristine Knowlton http://tinyurl.com/p4t3m5y

* Look for me in the Dorito’s commercial “About that Ticket”

* Catch me in the newest Trick-or-Treat Films, “Out of the
Ordinary” where I play the lead role of Judi. For more information, check out www.trickortreatfilms.com

* Just finished an amazing run as Detective Theresa Capelli in the murder mystery “The Cagey Cajun Caper” with the In-House Players!

* “House of Paranormal” is now is now available on Amazon http://tinyurl.com/HouseofParanormal.
Also, check out 856 Films at www.856films.com

* Filming is now wrapped for Joseph Quiles, “The Citizens” where I have played the lead of Rose. More information coming soon!

* I will be featured as Lady Macbeth in the upcoming season of Zombie TV.