Kristine KnowltonI am Kristine Knowlton!!!
Who am I?
I’m just your average jack of all trades! I am an actor, voice actor, comedian, artist,
writer, director and vintage enthusiast.

Why? Because I love to entertain! Bringing joy into the world through acting and doing voice-overs or any and all the above is just what I feel I was meant to do.

Check out my latest article I was featured in
Authority Magazine.

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Kristine Knowlton Voice Artist

Check out some of my voice-over
demos and comedy!

I have been featured in 500+ projects including commercials, films, animations, podcasts, webseries and more!

I am most recognized as the voice of Density in Mind World Entertainments “Global Guardians
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Kristine Knowlton Optimus Artistry

Check out my art, photographs, graphics and more on Optimus Artistry

I am a published photographer in
Everywhere Magazine

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Kristine Knowlton Author

In my spare time I love writing comic and books.

I enjoy off beat comics, writing children’s books as well as illustrating them. I also write poetry and short stories based on the Elizabethan/Shakespearean Eras.

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