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Kristine is a member of the Actors Equity Association (AEA). She is an accomplished international actor, singer, director and filmmaker. Kristine has recently performed at the New Jersey Renaissance Faire which has made it her 13th non-consecutive year with the company and she got to perform in the show, Punnic War. She has taken on the role on Lady Katherine in “The Enchanted Forest” at the Sparta New Jersey Renaissance Faire where she got to lead a Knight through a quest to see if he was worthy of the Order of Chivalry. Kristine has performed in the show, “The Dearly Departed” by Jacky Fazio as Beth at the Cape May MAC where she had an added a nice howling ending to the show. Kristine is no stranger to the Carnage saga and will be returning as duel characters in the show, “The Carnage: Bloodlines” She recently got done in “A Christmas Carnage: Resurgence” as Chance and Dr. Samantha Loomis.  Kristine played the lead role in “&Chance” and completed a run at the Watford Fringe Festival which will also appeared in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as the Brighton Fringe Fest in 2023. She also has played the role of Melanie in the award winning show, “The Carnage Returns”. Kristine has played the role of Isabel Fezziwig, which was a delightful take on an adult version of Veruca Salt in “Fezziwig’s Christmas Party” which then landed her the role of Ms. Cloe in, “Gringoire: The Poet of Notre Dame”. Her latest performances include Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” as a smash up of Ursula and Balthasar. She has been in many productions including her award winning appearance in “Coffee with God”, “Songs for a New World” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. She was recently seen playing multiple characters in “The Laramie Project”at Dante Hall in Atlantic City. Kristine had also appearing in over 20 Murder Mysteries including, “Murder Café”.

Kristine has performed comedy at well over 250+ venues from country to country.  Kristine has performed on The Writers of Conan, at the Broadway Comedy Club, Flappers, Dat Phan & Friends, Chocolate Sundaes as well as many festivals with Comedy Therapy as well as the P3 Comedy Festival. She has appeared many times on television for the show, Bombing Run by AWDly Funny Productions on DBtv and has won the Plauzzable Monthy comedy contest. Kristine has done well over 1,000 Zoom shows including Japan, England, Scotland, Ireland and Australia. Not only does Kristine perform comedy, she also plays the ukulele and has written many of her own songs as well as parodies. Kristine has landed a #1 spot on the local charts for her comedic songs. Her original song, “Cupid that Flying Fat-Ass Baby” has been published by Local Gem Press in, “Rhyme and PUNishment.”

Kristine has been doing improv for over 20+ years and has performed improv with Dad’s Garage, The Armory, Unity’s Theatre, South Sound Improv, Honey Bunny Improv, Once is a Blue Humor Improv Jam, InterCity Improv, Mining for Gold: An Improv Jam, The CyberJam, Reckless Comedy Improv Night (UK), Comedy Menagerie as well as various Renaissance Faires. Catch her the recurring character, Detective Alicia Feels on the sketch, “CSI: Wichita” of AWDly Funny Productions which she co-wrote. She’s also appeared as a guest on “Live at the Asylum” a Zoom based improv show that was started during the pandemic and has just celebrated their 100th episode. Kristine has also been a part of an improvised episode series with Honey Bunny Improv and Donovan TPS Productions. She has appeared in “The Improvised Golden Girls Episode”, “The Improvised Dr. Who Episode” and “The Improvised Stephen King Novel” to name a few. 

Kristine currently voiced the character, The Lonely Bird in “The Lonely Bird” and Harley Quinn in The Geek Speaks Special: Bat Romance. Deception Checks is where you can find Kristine making “prank calls” as the ever seductive Evelyn Dryerwood in Dungeon Studios. Also, catch her as Mystica Rabbit of the animated series “WaterSide Wrestling” coming soon to Amazon Prime. Stay tuned for the animated movie, “Mac and Trouble” by Rusty Gilligan. She first got her start voicing the character, Density of “Global Guardians” alongside her cousin, Jon. Kristine also does voices for commercials, video games, films and more! 

Kristine is a Twitch Affiliate and hosts Kat Box Comedy on her channel doing comedy, improv, RiffTrax and more! She’s also an affiliate of JackBox Games and enjoys playing with friends and everyone all over the internet. 

You can also request Kristine on Cameo where she can write you a song, give a pep talk, do a roast, say Happy Birthday and more!!! https://cameo.com/kristineknowlton


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