Kristine Knowlton is a South Jersey based Actor, Comedian, Writer and Director. Her film and theatre credits include DamagesLaw and Order SVUThe Cagey Cajun CaperMacbethCruising CuisineHouse of Paranormalthe New Jersey Renaissance FaireCruising CuisineUnion Brewery (commercial)Songs for a New World and a short that she wrote and produced, M is for Maleficent…now currently available in Germany!

As a Voiceover Artist, Kristine has done several commercials for independent companies as well as the movie, Phone Call From a Stranger by Israli Filmmaker, Arslan Baig playing the part of a 10 y/o girl! Coming up in Episode 3 of Global Guardians, Kristine will be playing the role of Density. Coming soon, she will be doing the voiceover to many cartoons by the company, Burning Mitten. Please check out herdemos!

When not busy on the screen, Kristine writes many comedy skits and is head writer to the show Zombie TV where Saturday Night Live meets the Walking Dead! She will prevail more episodes in the up and coming months as well as her own standup.