Royally Flushed

Royally Flushed is poetry, antics and of course crazy situations Lady B. always gets herself into!
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Please check out my first book in the series, “The Elephant and the Gumball: Kite Frenzy” and download a free digital PDF version today! Click on the image for download.


The Elephant and the Gum Ball: Winter Wonderland” is about an Elephant and the Gum Ball surrounded by the winter weather. Snowflakes, penguins, hot chocolate and more as we venture with the Elephant and the Gum Ball in this winter wonderland.

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Lady Buella Percy

Lady Buella Percy One Heart, One Mind, One Soul” is a collection of poems and thoughts. Follow Lady Buella Percy through love, fear, passions, time and beyond. Going through the motions, adventures, heart ache, passion, fantasy and realism. Through light and dark times, this book is an emotional discovery of one who once was. This book also features the four-part short story,
She Who Once Was“.

About Lady Buella Percy 
Lady Buella Percy hails from Northern England. The castle where her family resides from is located in North Northumberland where they can see the shores of Loch Loyal. Her brother and sister-in-law, Hugh and Elizabeth formally reside and rule as Duke and Duchess of Northumberland. Being close with her family she has many stories to tell throughout now and history.

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Join Klaus the Fly as he ventures the world as we know it. Yep, just you’re not so normal fly on the wall.
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