Lady Buella Percy: One Heart, One Mind, One Soul

“The crisp air;
Moon-light bouncing off the ocean.
The gristled sand betwixt our toes;
The scent of salt flowering through the breeze.
Hand in hand;
And heart to heart –
My love for thee grows more and more as the moon doth to rise.
A kiss so tender;
Nice and light;
A smile that flows from cheek to cheek.
Innocence and laugher;
More wine throughout the night.
Thy head spins as if this were to be a dream.
For wishing upon a shooting star,
Our love shall shine
Raising the light in our souls.
So mote it be.
Starring deep into one another eyes;
Like entwining roses disappearing way up into the sky –
A warm embrace;
A warm kiss from the lips;
Leading a trance,
Unlike any other throughout the night.
Time stands still,
Yet is so far away.
Floating, falling, rising, glowing –
What is this feeling that I am to be knowing?
True love is where I bleed;
For thy heart is head over feet.
Grasping onto one another;
Sounds of passion and delight –
Like crickets chirping in the night.
The moon starts to fade as the sun does to rise;
A picturesque ending to yet another night of passion,
Just you and I –
A feeling so right.
A glow we have made from one another –
A glow so bright.
I hope this feeling ne’re comes to an end.
Allow us one more toast –
A toast to this and this alone.
To keep the fire burning;
Burning throughout the night and throughout our lives.” – Lady Buella Percy

“Lady Buella Percy One Heart, One Mind, One Soul” is a collection of poems and thoughts. Follow Lady Buella Percy through love, fear, passions, time and beyond. Going through the motions, adventures, heart ache, passion, fantasy and realism. Through light and dark times, this book is an emotional discovery of one who once was. This book also features the four-part short story, “She Who Once Was”.

About Lady Buella Percy
Lady Buella Percy hails from Northern England. The castle where her family resides from is located in North Northumberland where they can see the shores of Loch Loyal. Her brother and sister-in-law, Hugh and Elizabeth formally reside and rule as Duke and Duchess of Northumberland. Being close with her family she has many stories to tell throughout now and forever!